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"Health is Wealth". One should always keep this precious saying in mind. If you really want to be healthy in every aspect ‘Nature Cure And Yoga Practice’ is one of the best remedies available without any medication.

Naturopathic treatments are based on the "Panchabhuthas" namely: Sky, Air, Agni, Water and Earth. Our main aim is to propagate the principles of Naturopathy and also to clear off the false notions about the system from the public. More over we wish to educate the public and make them realize the importance of natural foods, proper food habits and the part of Yoga in maintaining good health and vigour.

This centre really is a golden feather to the cultural capital of Kerala –THRISSUR. The only health centre in its kind in Thrissur District. running by a qualified Naturopathy Doctor. The centre has first established at Ayyanthole in 1983 and shifted to this new premises in the year 1991: i.e. on 15th. September, 1991.

We are also having one Ayurveda wing and Yoga section. Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga are going shoulder to shoulder, because they are inter related and it will be a rare experience for you. Hence as per the interest of the patients, we can administer any of the above systems jointly or separately. Hence the recovery is very fast,(except in some exceptional cases) so the patients need not stay for a long period, wasting their time and money.

Dr .P.Soundarapandian BNYS.,

Dr.S.Menaga BNYS.,CGO.,

Dr.P.Gopi BNYS.,