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What We Do

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Nature Cure

One of the main apostolate of our congregation is Nature cure. The aim of the institutions is to introduce natural way of healthy living into your busy life styles, so that you can enjoy good health at all stages of your life. We should have to change as little as possible in order to avail benefits of natural healthy living.


About Yoga

Nature cures. Yoga maintains. Diet nourishes. Discipline sustains. Yoga is a discipline to develop one’s inherent powers in a balanced manner. Studies have been conducted which conclusively prove that yoga is an excellent promoter and sustainer of good health. It increases flexibility, endurance, improves digestion, reduces stress, helps combat insomnia and weight problems and more.



With its exotic beauty and relaxing hospitality, this centre is the perfect place to enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. All guestrooms at Centre offer style and modern comfort. The Centre is spread across 4 acres of land, offering a breathtaking view of the lush landscapes outside the crowded city limits.


Discover Your Serenity

The body has very unique needs, every part requires a tailored regimen for smooth functioning and wholesome life.Our mission is to guide you to health and harmony, following the natural way so that you can enjoy a new and healthy life. To support this aim, we ask that you make a commitment: to invest your time and energy in yourself, in your health, and to fully participate in your personalized program.

Diseases undertaken for treatment

Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Cardiac problems, Back pain (including Disc ailments), Sneezing and Eosinophilia, Eye problems, Asthma and allergic diseases, Skin diseases including Psoriasis and Eczema, Rheumatism and Arthritis, Kidney ailments, Cancer and Tumors, Constipation, Piles and Fistula etc.

Obesity management

Our specialists will assess your body constitution, metabolism rate and the underlying causes of your excess weight, before prescribing a comprehensive program, supplemented by a balanced, custom diet plan. This program will make you aware of the flaws in your habits and will introduce you to a different lifestyle and to the basic rules of diet.

Diabetes control program

Diabetes is a degenerative disease. It is caused by defective metabolism which is the end-result of a wrong lifestyle. Our treatment is aimed at bringing the disease fully under control without any further medicine, or in some cases, with minimal dosage of medicine. Alongwith this, diabetes-related diseases are also cured. This is accomplished through proper training for the right lifestyle.

Detoxification program

Diseases are often caused by toxins (foreign matter in the human body). Detoxification program helps to eliminate toxins from the body. This results in preserving basic health and maintaining longevity. A person who undergoes a 10-21 days detoxification program in our hospital is sure to keep away most of the contagious and other diseases of the day.

Rejuvenation program

Rejuvenation program is good for busy professionals who lead a mechanical life and often happen to be in a polluted environment. It is aimed at an overall servicing of the body. Such a program revitalises the mind and the body. It makes a person cheerful and fit for the strenuous work ahead.

Yoga & Meditation program

Yoga is one of the main contributions of India to the world. It is a practical tool but not a religious duty. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘yug’ which means, “to join?. It signifies the union of mind and body. Yoga is a means of attaining perfect health of the mind and body by maintaining harmony on both the two levels through complete self-control.

Beauty care program

Naturopathy reduces ageing of the body. It brings back a person to his normal health. Our beauty care program reduces puffiness and tones and helps skin retain moisture. It improves the appearance of the skin, stimulates circulation and removes dead surface cells. The program is useful also for body shaping.

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S.K.T Nature Cure Provides Best Naturopathy Treatment in Tirunelveli.Naturopathy is a system of treatment which recognises the existence of the vital curative force within the body. It treats not the symptoms but the root cause of the disease.

About Us


Our Vision is to encourage people to follow a natural way of life, and to help them activate their innate ability to fight diseases without drugs so that they do not suffer from preventable diseases and thus, the economic burden on the weaker section of the society is reduced.


The main objective is to promote Naturopathy and Yoga in treating various diseases. Naturopathy treats the underlying cause of the disease rather than solely treating or suppressing the symptoms. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning in one or more organs of the body.


In SKT Nature Cure and Yoga Research Centre in Tenkasi,To promote benefits of a drugless and natural healing and provide these treatments to all strata of society so that their dependency on conventional drug minimizes and the society at large is able to lead a healthier life naturally.

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